OSTAR Lecture Series in aid of RNLI

Dinah IRL 3508

Barry Hurley & Dinah

OSTAR class winner, Barry Hurley, of the Royal Irish Yacht Club, is presenting a series of lectures on his experiences in the 2009 edition of this world renowned solo transatlantic race. Using images, chart references and video footage taken during the race, Barry will recount some of his adventures sharing the many highs and lows of such a challenge.

With this lecture series Barry hopes to promote the sport of short-handed sailing as a discipline where Ireland can be competitive on the world stage.

Upcoming dates are as follows:
11/02/10 Royal Irish Yacht Club – 19.30 Dun Laoghaire
24/02/10 Howth Yacht Club – 20.00
25/02/10 Monkstown Bay Sailing Club – Co Cork
10/03/10 Galway Bay Sailing Club
16/03/10 World Ship Society – Cobh, Co Cork
19/03/10 National Yacht Club – Dun Laoghaire
10/11/10 Royal Ulster Yacht Club – Bangor, Co Down

A collection for the RNLI will be held at the end of each lecture. Please contact the individual venues for booking details and come along early as we expect these events to be very popular. Feedback on the lectures to date has been extremely positive and extra dates are being added all the time.


Unisail for Solo Sailor?

Moondance Open 30

Van Gorkom Yacht Design LLC

Now that  you got rid of your crew, who is going to tack and trim the jib for you? Well maybe the answer is to get rid of your front sail altogether!!!

New technology in sails design and carbon free standing masts give a new lease of life to an old idea: the cat rigged racing boat.

The history of the cat-rigged sailboat, or “cat-boat” as they came to be known, dates back as far as 1840 when they were used for fishing and coastal transportation in and around the New England area. They were characterized by a single mast carried well forward, the virtues of this type of rig being simplicity and ease of handling. Around the turn of the 19th century, catboats were adapted for racing. Continue reading Unisail for Solo Sailor?

ISORA Series opens to 2-handed competitors

The Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association has agreed to accept 2-handed entries for its 2010 race programme.

Download the entry form here:
ISORA Entry Form 2010

Additional information and rules for entry are available on the ISORA website: www.isora.org

The ISORA Calendar will form the basis of the Irish 2-handed race schedule for 2010, culminating with the Wicklow Sailing Club’s Round Ireland Race starting on June 20th.

3 ISORA races of 75NM+ are scheduled before the start of the Round Ireland and will act as qualifiers.

Other races may be organised and we will keep the members of the Group posted…also, keep checking our online Events Calendar

Solo Racing in France

An evening of talks at Alliance Française, Thursday 4 February 7.45pm

Paul O'Rian - City Jet

Irish Sailor Paul Ó RIAIN competed solo onboard his yacht “CityJet” in La Solitaire du Figaro in 2007, a gruelling 1,800 mile 4 stage yacht race between France, Ireland and Spain. Come and hear Paul speak about racing in the world’s most competitive solo sailing event.  Hear about battling sleep deprivation when skippers cannot sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time during races.  Learn how he dealt with mental fatigue & exhaustion, the difficulties, the severe storms that hit the fleet racing in the Atlantic and the mamoth task of taking on this iconic race against the best sailors in the world.


Steve White - Toe in the Water

British Sailor Steve WHITE staked all to compete in the 2008-9 Vendée Globe solo round the world race. His story, of how he made it to the start of the biggest, toughest and most dramatic round the world sailing race ever and completed his remarkable circumnavigation to finish an incredible 8th place from 30 starters is both inspiring and compelling. White was a late comer to ocean racing but became hooked by every aspect of solo and short handed racing, refusing to let anything stand in the way of his dream. In the end his project went to the 11th hour but he had all the essential skills to complete the race, including 4 transatlantic races and more besides.  Racing alongside many of the top professionals in the sport, White prevailed when many didn’t.  Ultimately White was one of only 11 to finish and proved to be a talented solo ocean racer plus a colourful and good humoured communicator throughout.


The talk will be in English with questions and answers (in French and English) including photographs & video footage and a wine reception afterwards.
Admission Free.

RSVP: info@alliance-francaise.ie

Alliance Française, 1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Tel: (01) 676 17 32 www.alliance-francaise.ie

Short-handed forum

With over 85 expressions of interest and some 35 sailors of all ages gathering in the National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin on Wednesday the 16th December to meet, discuss and commit to short handed yacht racing in Ireland, it looks like this type of sailing is going to become a prominent feature on the Irish sailing scene. Continue reading Short-handed forum

Boat Review - Jeanneau Sunfast 3200

Here is a good review of an IRC boat designed specifically for short-handed coastal and offshore racing…

It’s really all about sailing! Designed by France’s Daniel Andrieu, the Sunfast 3200 certainly is a head turner. This experienced and well-accomplished designer has won the hearts of many for this wide hulled 9.8 meter boat lofted to address the racing and performance cruising market. It’s perfect for single handling or racing with a team. Continue reading Boat Review – Jeanneau Sunfast 3200

Figaro Solo 2007 day by day with Paul O'Riain

In 2007, after many years competing in sailing races and logging 18,000 miles sailing offshore, I was looking for something different.  I decided to try fulfill a long held ambition to try my hand at solo sailing and entered “La Solitaire Afflelou le Figaro” or the Figaro as most people call it.

The Figaro in 2007 was a 4 stage race around Europe from/to France, Ireland and Spain.  It has been run, every year, for the past 38 years.  It is raced in one design Figaro Beneteau II boats, specially built for this classe and event.  It is commonly regarded as the unofficial world championships of solo sailing and the place to race if you want to learn how to sail short handed and particularly solo.  Down through the years most of the best know international shorthanded sailors, including another Irishman Damian Foxall, have at some stage spent time on the Figaro circuit to acquire the skills to take on bigger races and to launch their careers.

This was the biggest challenge I had ever undertaken, the biggest sailing adventure of my life and the toughest racing I have ever encountered. Continue reading Figaro Solo 2007 day by day with Paul O’Riain