In the past two years Ireland has seen remarkable success on the sailing world stage.  Two of these successes have occured in short handed ocean racing with Damian Foxall winning the double handed Barcelona World Race in 2008 alongside French co-skipper Jean Pierre-Dick onboard the Open 60 “Paprec-Virbac”.  In June 2009 Barry Hurley won his class and finished 4th overall in the Ostar (Original Single-handed Transatlantic Race) onboard his JOD 35 “Dinah” after a two year self funded campaign.  Besides these two incredible victories there has been a large increase in the number of Irish sailors who are participating in solo & double handed sailing.  Many are travelling to take part in events in the UK and France where this type of sailing is firmly established.

Open Forum

An open forum meeting was held in December 2009 to put forward & discuss ideas and ways to put in place the structure and events necessary to develop this type of sailing in Irish waters. The meeting was a resounding success and it was decided to form a Group to enhance communication, exchange of expertise and promote short-handed sailing in Ireland.

Irish Double & Solo Racing Group

The Irish Double & Solo Racing Group was launched in January 2010. The Group aims at developing a vibrant connected community of Irish solo and double-handed sailors as well as a regular established sailing calendar.

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