Irish Links

Irish Sailing Association
Met Eireann Sea Area Forecast


Offshore Special Regulations from ISAF
Equipment Rules of Sailing from ISAF


Irish IRC measurement forms from the ISA are HERE
List of ISA IRC Measurers is HERE.

Alex Bennet - Fujifilm

Class 40

Class 40 Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl - Cian McCarthy

Class 40 Association
Akilaria Class 40 builder

Class 40 Wiki Page
Owen Clarke Class 40 designer
Simon Rogers Class 40 designer

Doug Schickler’s Class 40 design: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Class 40 videos on Google

Class 40 videos on YouTube




Class Website
La Solitaire du Figaro

Open 9.50

Class website




Mini 6.50

Classe Mini 6.50
The unofficial Mini 6.50 site by Leo V

Mini 6.50 Wiki page

Pogo – series builder

2009 Mini Transat

Mini Class US

Harken’s Mini 6.50 deck layout

Build a Mini 6.50: Dudley Dix design
Mini 6.50 videos on Google
Mini 6.50 videos on YouTube

Events Websites

OSTAR 2009 official site
Blogstar skippers’ blogs and reports from OSTAR 2009
Solo Offshore Racing Club

Racers’ Websites

Barry Hurley’s Dinah
Damian Foxall
Paul O’Riain

Other Useful Websites

Afloat Magazine