Irish 2-handed Racing Calendar 2011

Attention 2-handers…now is the time to open the new planner brought by Santa and put these dates down…

The 2-handed sailing calendar (for the East Coast at least) will comprise:

– The DMYC 2-handed Kish Race – date tbc

РThe ISORA Series (see separate post from ISORA Chairman, Peter Ryan). Download ISORA documents here: Agreed Race Schedule 2011 Final , ISORA EntryForm 2011 Final, ISORA NOR & Conditions 2011 Final

– The Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race – Starts Saturday 11th June. Download D2D Race documents here: NoR D2D 11 Final

In addition to these, the Dun Laoghaire Regatta (7th to 10th July – may give a start to a 2-handed class for daily coastal races if there is a sufficient number of boats interested!!! So please make sure to let me know if you are keen…

I am not aware of other coastal or offshore races organised in Ireland open to 2-handed entries but please let me know…The point scoring system (based on Cox Sprague) introduced to rank 2-handed competitors has been selected with a view to allow establishing an overall Irish ranking table irrespective of where the boats race (East / South / West Coast).

You will note that ISORA has formerly adopted the same ranking system based on the Irish Double & Solo Racing Group initiative and recommendation!!!

There is now a strong and healthy calendar of races open for 2-handed competitors in Ireland . Races range from short coastal races (Kish Race) to the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race (alternating with the WSC Round Ireland Race).

More over, a fair ranking table calculation is in place…

The growth of this exciting way of racing is now up to you, the competitors, and I hope to see many of you take part to consolidate the ID&SRG and encourage other Race organisers to include a short-handed class as a standard practice.

Wishing you happy sailing in 2011

Olivier Prouveur


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