A Farr Class 40 for August 2010

Found on Sailing Anarchy…Farr Yacht Design coming into the fray.

New Zealand based Project Coordinator, Lapo Ancillotti, and businessman Francesco Piva have created BTBoats Ltd in order to manage the New Zealand production and Worldwide marketing of the KIWI 40FC – an exciting production Class 40 designed by Farr Yacht Design and built by Cookson Boats. Ancillotti, Farr Yacht Design, and Cookson Boats have collaborated on numerous projects over the last two decades. This experienced and successful team, enriched by the arrival of Francesco Piva, has enthusiastically embraced the challenge of creating a very innovative, fast, and competitive production Class40 yacht – the KIWI 40FC.

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  • Bob Hobby

    Bit more info from Farr Yacht Sales:

    This is planned as a limited production run, aimed at 10 or more boats. Cookson is building a set of female molds for the hull, deck and components to facilitate production but also to control weight and fairness of the hull surface. As a limited production project we offer the ability for some customization and owner input. To achieve all our goals for this project we need to control build weight, maximize strength & structural integrity and of course performance; for this reason it will be a high-level build in terms of quality and finish details. That said, I think you will see this Class 40 range from pure Grand-Prix racer to a true dual-purpose offshore boat. Throughout development there has been a strong focus on a clean, simple and straightforward deck design and layout, especially in the cockpit, which is large and open. The same holds true for the interior, this benefits a dual-purpose boat as much as a true racer.

    Farr Yacht Sales, LLC will be the North American sales and marketing company working directly with BTBoats and Farr Yacht Design.

    Press Pack: http://www.farrdesign.com/pdfs/685promo.pdf

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