OSTAR Lecture Series in aid of RNLI

Dinah IRL 3508

Barry Hurley & Dinah

OSTAR class winner, Barry Hurley, of the Royal Irish Yacht Club, is presenting a series of lectures on his experiences in the 2009 edition of this world renowned solo transatlantic race. Using images, chart references and video footage taken during the race, Barry will recount some of his adventures sharing the many highs and lows of such a challenge.

With this lecture series Barry hopes to promote the sport of short-handed sailing as a discipline where Ireland can be competitive on the world stage.

Upcoming dates are as follows:
11/02/10 Royal Irish Yacht Club – 19.30 Dun Laoghaire
24/02/10 Howth Yacht Club – 20.00
25/02/10 Monkstown Bay Sailing Club – Co Cork
10/03/10 Galway Bay Sailing Club
16/03/10 World Ship Society – Cobh, Co Cork
19/03/10 National Yacht Club – Dun Laoghaire
10/11/10 Royal Ulster Yacht Club – Bangor, Co Down

A collection for the RNLI will be held at the end of each lecture. Please contact the individual venues for booking details and come along early as we expect these events to be very popular. Feedback on the lectures to date has been extremely positive and extra dates are being added all the time.


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  • Paul Ó Riain

    The first of seven lectures to be given around the country kicked off in the The Royal Irish Yacht Club (RIYC) on Thursday evening at 1930hrs 11th February 2010.

    Over 50 people gathered in the RIYC to hear solo sailor Barry Hurley, a member of the club, tell the story of his performance in the OSTAR 2009 (Original Single Handed Transatlantic Race), when he was 1st in Class, 5th across the line and 4th Overall IRC. A remarkable result and a very well run campaign.

    The talk detailed Barry’s extensive preparations for the OSTAR, including extensively re-fitting and even rebuilding sections of his boat, and upgrading everything. He raced a lot in other events prior to the OSTAR and ran an exemplary campaign, which delivered the results.

    Barry gave a very comprehensive break down of the course, what happened along with the comparison of what was expected to happen. He showed short video diaries and others taken during the race, digital chart images, photos, analysis and explanations about every aspect.

    Not only is this a very worthwhile lecture to attend, particularly if people have any interest in looking at doing this type of racing in the future, but was entertaining for those who are not the least bit motivatet to follow suit. Good evening and highly recommend going along and all for a good cause the RNLI.

    Paul Ó Riain

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